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An exciting new Illustrated program describing the precedent-setting history of New Jersey's first county library, which opened its doors in 1921. Inspired by three Burlington County "Helping Teachers" who appealed to the New Jersey State Library to take action on the creation of a state-wide, county-based library system, was signed into law in 1920 by Governor Edwards and the first county library in New Jersey was opened in Burlington County the following year. Laufer relates the story of the subsequent 92-year history through 6 innovative library directors who oversaw unprecedented growth through 3 subsequent locations and two major expansions of the current headquarters on Woodlane Road in Westampton. Using mobile book trucks, which eventually became known as "Bookmobiles" to service "Free Library Stations" in schools, private homes, and other community facilities throughout Burlington County, the County Library System brought books and educational materials to the citizens which eventually evolved into the "book rooms" in the schools and ultimately became the first School Libraries. Likewise the in-home book stations became the dozens of community libraries which are scattered throughout the county as branch libraries and member libraries of the Burlington County Library system. Laufer shows how Burlington County remains in its position as the premier library system in New Jersey with its recent innovations that include an amphitheater, an auditorium and an on-site cafe, along with the most advanced library technology available.



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County Historian, Joe Laufer