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Sissi is an Austrian „Heimat“ film starring Romy Schneider (1938 – 1982) and Karlheinz Böhm (6 March 1928 – 29 May 2014), Magda Schneider, Uta Franz, Gustav Knuth, Vilma Degischer and Josef Meinrad. The film is based on the play Sissys Brautfahrt (Sissy's Bridal Journey. Sissi is the first installment in the trilogy of films about Empress Elisabeth of Austria, who was known to her family as "Sissi.

Empress Elisabeth of Austria “Sissi”(1837 – 1898) was the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I, and thus Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary. Born into Bavarian royalty, she enjoyed an informal upbringing, before marrying Franz Joseph at 16. She was suddenly absorbed into Habsburg court life, which she found stifling. She was also at odds with her interfering mother-in-law, Princess Sophie, who took over the rearing of Elisabeth's daughters. The birth of a male heir Rudolf improved her standing at court, but her health was suffering under the strain, and she would often visit Hungary for its more relaxed environment. She came to develop a deep kinship with Hungary, and helped to bring about the dual monarchy of Austria–Hungary in 1867.

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