Wed, 06/19/2013 - 7:00pm


  • County Library

Carol Suplee an award-winning journalist and author from Lumberton, will share a presentation based or her first book, “Stories of Willingboro Township” a comprehensive history of a South Jersey community settled by English Quakers in the 17th Century and transformed into the 20th Century Levittown, built by legendary builder William J. Levitt.

Topics discussed:
• The Lenape, the Original People
• Quakers Settle in the Wilderness
• Key Dates to Remember
• Burlington County’s Early Settlement
• Willingborough Township, Founder Thomas Ollive
• Burlington was the Provincial Capital
• The Revolutionary War
• Governor William Franklin and his father
• Self Government Flourishes
• Slavery
• The Civil War
• The Rural Life
• Modern Wars Change Community Life
• A New Community Rises
• The Town has Growing Pains


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