Sat, 10/26/2013 - 11:00am


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What could massage and energy therapies possibly do for your child?  If you have a colicky baby wouldn’t a quick massage technique to relax your baby so you may both sleep help?  Would less pain and a shorter healing time from sports and play injuries be great for you and your child? Sharon will go over the benefits of massage for your child at the various stages of development and teach a few techniques to be used at home. Sharon will also introduce essential oils and how they can be used for everyday childhood concerns, including which basic few should be in your first aid kits.  
Why does it seem like a matter of life and death to your child when a toy or object gets taken away? Or why does your teen get quiet and their friends become more important?  Yes, it is a growing phase, and yes, it did happen to you. Wouldn’t you like it to be easier on you? Wouldn’t you like to make it easier on both you and your child? Of course!!!   Syndia will present the stages of growth from an energetic standpoint, and how it affects your child from infancy through to adult. With this new perspective you can create a stronger, closer relationship with your child with less tension and more ease.

Both Syndia and Sharon take great joy in sharing tools to help others improve their life and experience more joy.


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