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Please share your comments (below) on these questions:  How does the idea of buying locally fit into your purchase decisions?  What information do you use to decide who to buy from?   We are looking at developing a guide for people interested in buying locally…any suggestions?

With an emphasis lately on buying locally, whether that be patronizing locally owned restaurants and stores, craft shops and artisans, or purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables from farm stands and farmer’s markets , local businesses can be found through the Reference USA database .

Buying locally is all about businesses that are close to home, friendly, fresh, and unique.  According to the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, a growing body of research confirms the value to communities of their locally owned businesses, the importance of choosing local first, and the impact of Local First campaigns on the economic health of communities.

Using the Reference USA directories available through your library, anyone can look up local businesses or find unique stores. For example, use ‘Custom Search’ in the U.S. Businesses/Employers module to find the 128 gift shops, 10 fabric stores, 67 graphic designers, or 19 farm markets in Burlington County.  Click here for a demo.

The usual business names will appear, along with addresses and phone numbers. But Reference USA also provides more information, such as executive name, web address,  latitude and longitude of the business for ease of travel (found under Business Demographics within the individual record). Nearby businesses are also listed to help you plan that day out and about patronizing local businesses!


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