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Mission in a Bottle

Mission in a Bottle: the Honest Guide to Doing Business Differently--and Succeeding
by Goldman, Seth and Barry Nalebuff; illustrated by Sungyoon Choi
741.59 Gol

This book chronicles the start and success of the company Honest Tea. Their mission was to make iced tea that "actually tastes like tea," compared to a lot of other bottled beverages out there with unnatural flavoring. They use organic and fair trade ingredients and minimal sugar.

The founders, Seth and Barry, turned their idea into a successful business, but not without running into many obstacles along the way. In their book, they are clear about both their trials and triumphs. The founders chose to present their story in an interesting format: a graphic novel (comic book). This makes the story easy to follow. Check it out, for a totally transparent inside look at how this business got its start.