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The mission of the BCLS is to enrich lives by providing opportunities for learning growth and personal development, which ties in with the 2017 Summer Reading Theme: Build a Better World. How can our children build a better world for themselves and their future and how can we help? Three basic principles can lead the way: take good care of yourself, work together, and expand your knowledge of the world around you.

Children can learn how to take care of themselves by reading about eating well, getting exercise, and through self-reflection. We have books about exercise such as yoga, great cookbooks for kids, and books about meditation, which helps to quiet the mind when we need a moment to reflect.

Learning how to work together while young helps prepare children for what lies ahead. We all have to work with others at one time or another in our lives. Children learn these skills initially during play and through building friendships. Reading books about friends equips kids with background knowledge so they can make smart choices and adapt when necessary.

Knowledge of the world around you can be found through learning about nature, science, language, and other cultures. We grow with experiences such as traveling to another country, studying a new language, and seeing the sights the world has to offer. Testing out science experiments at home expands the minds of children when they realize that everything isn’t always as it seems at first and things can change with one small addition or subtraction.

Here’s some interesting materials you can check out to start Building a Better World!