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“Books are something social - a writer speaking to a reader - so I think making the reading of a book the center of a social event, the meeting of a book club, is a brilliant idea.” 
– Yann Martel

Have you ever read a book you absolutely loved (or hated) and just wanted to talk to others about it? If so, you may want to consider joining a book club! A book club will allow you to meet some interesting people outside your usual circle of friends, open you up to books you might not normally gravitate towards, and provide you with an opportunity to discuss books and perhaps gain a different perspective.

Book clubs have been enjoying a surge in popularity in recent years. There are all types available to meet the needs of a variety of participants and reading preferences. Some book clubs read a specific type of book – best sellers, non-fiction, mystery – while others read across all genres. And if you don’t want the pressure of reading a particular book, you can join an “Any Book” book club to read whatever you want, and get together with others to talk about what you’re reading at the moment.

The Burlington County Library System has a number of different books clubs that may interest you. In fact, we’re starting a brand new book club at the County Library on Feb 15 and we’ll be discussing The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead. Come join us! We have book clubs meeting at our library branches in February, too. For more information, or to sign up, please check out our calendar of events or call one of our branches.

If none of those books strike your fancy, check back again next month. Meetup and other social sites also have book clubs that may interest you. Or, you can start your own! BCLS has a Borrow-a-Book Club that enables you to borrow a canvas bag containing multiple copies of one of our selections for your own book club. For more ideas on book selection, you can check out various best seller lists, like the New York Times Best Sellers, or just pick a book that looks interesting and go from there.

Happy reading!