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Listening to an audiobook is a great way to enhance a child’s language and listening skills, such as learning proper pronunciations and recognizing the tone of a book.

Audiobooks may also be a way to entice reluctant readers, or help those who have a reading disability. We also have book kits that feature a book and a CD of the text so children can listen while following along, or you can check out a book and audiobook of the same title together. As a bonus, kids who have trouble sitting still while reading a story are able to move about while listening to an audiobook. Some audiobooks even have a full cast of people or famous actor(s) reading the parts and/or cool sound effects and music. Did you know some books were written to be read aloud? Reading aloud was something families would do together as an activity. Audiobooks are a great way to connect with your kids!

We have audiobooks with a wide range of listening time as well. Some books have just six minutes of listening time with one disc, while others have more than 26 hours of listening time with 23 discs. So stop in and pick up an audiobook today, or if you can’t find the time to visit, check out our eaudiobooks you can listen to with your phone, computer, or electronic reading device. Is this your first time using Eaudiobooks? You can find more information about them here.