Upcoming Events

Maker Camp Orientation
Comic vs. Movie
MaKey MaKey Mario Wed, Jul. 29 (11:00am)
The Franklin Institute presents: Heroes of Flight Thu, Jul. 30 (2:00pm)
Thursday at the Theater Thu, Jul. 30 (7:00pm)
Maker Camp Orientation Mon, Aug. 3 (11:00am)
Local Heroes: Firemen & EMTs Tue, Aug. 4 (11:00am)
Magic with Joe Holiday Thu, Aug. 6 (2:00pm)
LIFE - Classic Foreign Films Fri, Aug. 7 (10:00am)
Eyes of the Wild: Natures Heroes Fri, Aug. 7 (2:30pm)
Maker Camp Orientation Mon, Aug. 10 (11:00am)
Comic vs. Movie Wed, Aug. 12 (11:00am)
Snakes-N-Scales presents: Secrets of the Animal Powers! Thu, Aug. 13 (11:00am)
BCC LIFE Program - German Films Sat, Aug. 15 (2:00pm)
Comic vs. Movie Tue, Aug. 18 (11:30am)

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      Labor Day Weekend

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Upcoming Events