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As I start this post I am faced with the challenge of describing an indescribable sitcom. You see, it’s not like I can just say, “Arrested Development is a show about nothing.” I can’t even say that the show is about the difficulties of living with a dysfunctional family. The Bluth’s are much worse than dysfunctional, they are out to drive each other to the asylum.

Thankfully, the insanity is captured forever on DVD and you can enjoy two and a half seasons before being crushed with the news that it was canceled mid third season. Even though you might lapse into a sudden state of depression after realizing that there is no more Bluth to be had, you will have  enjoyed what is agreed upon as one of the best sitcoms of all time.

Shot as if they are being taped by a documentary film crew, the antics become real as you learn about Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) and his task of keeping his family together after his father (Jeffery Tambor) commits some “light treason.”

If you’re looking for a show that uses awkward situations to provide major laughs, look no further. Arrested Development is a little over the top some times, but overall the situations become believable when put side-by-side with any member of the family. The show only gets better as guest appearances by everyone from Henry Winkler to Charlize Theron throw even more lunacy in every direction.

This May, Netflix will be releasing 14 new episodes that will serve as the prequel to an Arrested Development movie. So if you’re looking for a great show to watch, go ahead and treat yourself to some Bluth before the world gets wrapped up in Development all over again.