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Lots of folks are spending lots of money on Green products and services these days.  Is your company in this space?  Maybe you or someone you know has a great idea for the next big Green product.

If so, you need to know who exactly are these environmentally conscious consumers that are willing to pay big bucks to "Go Green."

Scarborough Research, a market research firm, has put together a detailed report entitled All About the Super Greenies.  The consumers they profile in this report are "those adults who engage in 10 or more green activities, such as recycling, using rechargeable batteries, or re-using grocery store bags", a number Scarborough estimates as 5% of the adult population in the U.S.  The report covers income, media preferences, political affiliations, activities, online habits, and more.

If you want a better grasp on just who the Green consumer is, this report is a great start.

Source:  Best of the Business Web 7/11/12; James J Hill Reference Library